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So, put down your phones for a few, and slow down a bit. Have a glass, eat something, and talk to your pals face to face. Run&Hide is your place to escape.

Run & Hide but we'll find you.

Actually, you'll find us. We're distributing this summer, and by 2021, we'll be located in the heart of Port Chester within steps of Metro North and the iconic Capitol Theatre. We're a small-batch craft brewery dedicated to producing quality ales and lagers with some great eats for you and your peeps.
We brew with an intentionally small-geographic distribution. Our selection of beers rotate based upon the season and what music we are listening to in the brewhouse. Independently owned, everything we do is authentic. No BS. "Run & Sons" is our kitchen that produces handmade small batch sausages/charcuterie and vegetarian offerings. Everything is supplied by local farms; organic and hormone-free meats, natural salts and organic herbs and produce.

Try our new 4 Pack - Beat Conductor

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